Our firm provides services to a wide variety of industries. Our capable staff with years of experience understands the challenges each of these industries face. Below are the industries that we currently offer our services to along with a brief description of the industry. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner in a related field that you don’t see listed. Our firm exists to help you reach your unique goals.

Wineries & Vineyards

We have served the California Wine Industry for over 40 years, and have worked with over 100 wineries and vineyard businesses. Services to the wine industry include tax planning and preparation, assurance services and consulting services.


Grasping the diverse aspects of farming and its business cycles is a full-time job. State and federal programs offer a never-ending source of complex regulations for agricultural operations. Erratic commodity prices and elevated distribution costs can have an immense impact on your bottom line. Our firm has developed high-level accounting methods to support farmers and their way of living through:

  • Realizing personalized estate plans that diminish the repercussions of estate taxes
  • Financial analysis of livestock operations
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Vigilant oversight of production costs and investment return


Many great opportunities present themselves to the manufacturing industry – especially to those firms who can compete in the ever-changing global marketplace. We can help you increase your market presence by the creating of a commonsense game plan to reduce the costs of resources and increase your profit margins thereby allowing your business to achieve its goals, both financially and strategically. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Supply chain consulting that can shorten your delivery time through just-in-time inventory management.
  • Accounting advice related to labor shifts, technological investments, audits and globalization.

Real Estate & Construction

Individual investors and large development companies alike are both well positioned to benefit from the expert tax strategies and financial expertise that our tax professionals provide. We partner with property owners to maximize tax benefits through proper valuation, lease negotiation, business operations and equipment maintenance programs.

Unique challenges our firm will assist you with include:

  • Depreciation deductions
  • Bonding requirements
  • Maximizing “Section 199” deduction
  • Property acquisition

Craft Brewing

We have clients in the craft brewing business, and we are able to assist them with production accounting, the accounting for their pub and retail operations and income tax planning.


Successful retailers minimize inventory investment and labor and operation costs while grappling with competition and large economic changes like consumer confidence and interest rates. Our tax professionals are ready to assist you in everything from store profitability analysis and supply chain management to regulatory compliance and industry-specific tax credits.

Businesses we partner with include:

  • Large and small brick-and-mortar stores
  • Mail-order businesses
  • Online retailers
  • Distributors

Restaurants & Hospitality

Owning and managing a restaurant, resort, hotel or golf course demands plenty of business experience and tax law knowledge. Also, the balancing act of controlling inventory and labor costs requires smart financial analysis and forecasting. Everything from tip credit compliance to sales tax audits is enough to occupy all your time.

We can help you plan for the future while reducing your tax burden and capitalizing on market trends by partnering with you in the financial management of your company.


Software, hardware, electronic manufacturing and IT service companies must compete in a fast-paced environment with complicating tax and accounting issues. The innovating spirit behind much of the world’s most impressive technological advancement encourages our firm to provide top-notch financial assistance to America’s finest entrepreneurs.

We help leading technology companies achieve their goals with:

  • Mergers and acquisition guidance
  • Industry-specific tax planning
  • Product profitability analysis

Not for Profit

No matter what role your organization has in the not-for-profit sector, managing costs, competing for funding, and generating and maintaining membership is a constant challenge. Our firm is ready and able to help your not-for-profit organization handle audits, reviews, tax-exempt issues and estate gifts.

Types of organizations we support include:

  • Social clubs
  • Private foundations
  • Cooperatives
  • Industry associations